In the School Of ‘Anything Goes’ Photography

Do not adjust your screen. This is how I took this image. I am working on new ways to take candid street photos. I purposely held the camera up side down to take this image. I am really comfortable with my D700 now which enables me to take photos like this.

In post,  I rotate the image. When i first started doing this , it was completely by accident.   Now I do it a little more. My am is not to be sneaky with my images, i just really like the angles I  get taking images this way.

When taking my normal images, I tend to be more straight edged . Its nice to have different styles of shooting to work with.

I like to keep the mind set that I am in the School Of Anything Goes Photography. Its helps me keep my mind free to new possibilities.

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  1. Very cool, I love the upside down shot.Keep up the good work and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you

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