I’m done with my summer #PhotoWandering Again

I’m done with my summer #PhotoWandering Again

It’s been an interesting summer, I hope I was not too annoying.


I look back on it with a bit of fondness. Overall the weather was beautiful, most days were clear with good temps with little rain. It could have been worse. I got to photo walk a lot, alone, and share my images. I wandered around, mostly in New York, taking photos because I could and I wanted coffee. I pointed my lens at whatever caught my eye while walking, not really caring if people liked my images or not. What I do is not street photography or any other formal type of photography, it’s just photo-wandering. Nothing more nothing less. I am an introverted every day, photographer. 



My summer photo wandering is over for this year. I go back to the families schedule, wondering when will I wander again.


Location My last photo walk of the summer was on Roosevelt island, in New York. It is a beautiful place, especially as the sun rises. The island sort of forces you to take a moment and just enjoy things, as the water passes by. Between that and the islands tram I could spend hours there. I could even see living there and I hate living In big buildings. Surrounded by water its a wonderful place for long exposure photography and finding a place to just sit and relax.


We35 observations. Using the 35mm lens was a challenging as an introverted photographer. The lens forced me out of my comfort zones a lot forcing t0 think outside the introverted box. It was a great learning experience. Overall the 35 mm lens this summer proved to be a fantastic lens to relax with, as I walked in the mornings. Nuff’ said

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