Helping inlaws( or the things I do for my wife)

So this was a trying weekend. For about a year, my wife and I have been helping her father sell a house. After a few false starts, misdeeds, and a bad economy, we finally got a buyer. This buyer had a bunch of hurdles to jump to get to the closing. My father in law became jaded, did not believe the house would sell.

When everything actually worked out, he half heartily informed his tenants of house sale. Tenants did not believe him, did not want to move etc. So 7 days before closing I was informed of tenant issues. If they were not gone by a particular date, there would be serious ramifications. One tenant actually flew to West Africa for a few months. It also turns out father in law is a hoarder. I had to move tenants stuff & father in laws stuff into storage, all the while taking pictures with my phone to keep my bride informed of progress. This did include ~24 dishwashers.

I could have argued about all the trash/junk etc., but that would have wasted time. So over the course of 48 hours most of stuff was moved. I’m exhausted.

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