Guess who’s not Going to be your next Wedding photographer

Guess who’s not Going to be your next Wedding photographer

When I started to redo my photography services page,  the first thing I deleted my weddings photography option. Working as a wedding photographer is something I tried , then I tried again and in 2015, I did my last one. I admire the photographers who make their living with wedding photography. They are better people than me.

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I have been asked , how can you turn away money , here are my reasons.

  • I think big weddings are illogical.
  • I did not get into photography to make money, it’s just a pleasing results of my photography life so far.
  • Wedding photographers are not the only ones making a living from their photography work.
  • I got into photography as an artistic endeavor first.
  • I do not enjoy weddings. My own personal wedding was quick and extremely  small, I did not even have a photographer.
  • A couple should hire a photographer who loves this type of work, never a photographer who wished the task was over before it has begun. Most times I was the latter.
  • I always felt people were being too cheap, with me anyway. A bride would spend thousands on food and wedding dresses etc, but cheap out on the memory of it.
  • In my mind, I think big weddings are a waste of money that could be better spent on a down payment one a house or paying off student loans. This thought process makes me the last person who should be hired to capture your moments.

Obviously, I could keep going on and on about my dislikes of weddings, like how I sometimes have to fight for payments etc. The point is I am just the wrong photographer for wedding photography, its just not my thing. Instead of having wedding photography as a service I will have a list of wedding photographers who are utterly fantastic. These folks I have either worked with or seen their works and I’m sure they will meet a couple’s needs.

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The last wedding I did was for a lovely couple, and I was lucky to share their day with them. It was one of the few weddings I could actually look back fondly on. It was because these kind folks had their act together. It was a nice wedding to go out on.

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The best wedding photographers have their heart fully behind their work.  Their wedding photography is not fauxtography and not just for money. A true wedding photographer understands the moments, and when they capture them, these images can be looked at fondly in the future. When choosing your wedding photographer remember the best really care about their niche of the photography craft and will be worth every penny.

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