Give without any expectations of returns or recognition

Lately there have been examples of how unequal/unfair the world can be. People honestly get upset when ripped out of their cozy worlds to be slapped in the face by cold unforgiving reality. However there are those people who’s lives are really unfair especially around this time of year. There are some kids who don’t have the normalcy of life that many enjoy. Through the hand of fate their lives are very challenging.
There are those who see this and without any expectations of returns or recognition, give their time and money to bring a bit of happiness to these kids lives. I got to do some Camera Works for the Annual Railmen for Children Santa Train which was filled with 330 special needs students. They rode the train with Santa and his helpers. Each student got a gift, of their choosing thanks to the generosity of some NJ TRANSIT Employees retirees and customers. It was nice to experience this amongst all the vitriol present in the world. I was happy to lend a hand and my camera to this cause.

As a photographer it’s nice to be able to give back a little. These kids were extremely grateful for everything done for them. The Railmen and their friends and families did some fantastic work.


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