GearLustAlude: Sony’s living the dream, Nikon & Canon are just making a wish…

You should not have any special fondness for a particular camera, or anything else, for that matter. Too much is the same as not enough. Without imitating anyone else, you should have what ever camera or cameras that suits you. (paraphrased from The Book of Five Rings)

I see photography as my craft. It’s something that will always allow me to keep learning and maybe teach. There is always room for improvement and new cameras, like the Sony A7r II,being released. While it’s nice , and would probably give me tons more flexibility , the A7r II won’t help me refine my craft. I want to create images that have beauty and images that are useful. With my current career I get to focus on this a little more and the gear I have works.

But damn the A7r II is nice and gives me a severe case of Camera Lust, anyhow this makes me really upset with Nikon. I want to use my Nikon lenses with Auto Focus. It Metabones comes out with an adapter like the Metabones Canon AF adapter I would melt.

When Sony announced A7r II, RX100 IV, & RX10 II they, also dropped the mic and walked off the stage. Sony has been doing a great job of keeping the ascetics of the A7 series the same while constantly improving the brand. I admire this. It makes me look at my Nikon D750 damn. While I enjoy the camera, if Sony keeps making these improvements to their mirrorless brand I may have to make the full switch.

I keep waiting for Nikon to come out with a mirrorless camera that can use F Mount lenses, hell id be happy with a DX model (maybe they could name it the Nikon D400). They could make it charmingly retro and it would probably fly off the shelves.


Currently I have great cameras, The Nikon D750 and the Sony A7 make a great hybrid team. I have a metabones adapter to use my Nikon lenses on my A7 I have time to save and wait, but come January 2016, I have some hard decisions to make.

“If you rush things the world will not cooperate …”

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