#Gearalude: @thinkTANKphoto  My 2nd Brain® Tablet

#Gearalude: @thinkTANKphoto My 2nd Brain® Tablet


I rarely ever look at small bags that have a singular purpose, not even from Think Tank photo. While they are my favorite bag company, I have not considered all of their products. Recently a My 2nd Brain® Tablet was put into my hands while I was covering a trade show. It is something I would not have picked up on my own, however, it’s now become quite useful…

The Think Tank My 2nd Brain® Tablet is a small case with pockets for iPads and phones, a small notebook and other mobile accessories. If It has a simple and clean design, for the photographer who wants to travel light. It’s amazing how much stuff you can fit into it though.

First Impression

my2ndbrain_tablet_0001_layer_0_d055da0c-bcb2-4584-a017-67d6ce11af09 I orginally walked with My 2nd Brain® Tablet with it’s provided strap. Walking with it, on my shoulder, the My 2nd Brain® Tablet felt like a murse (man purse). Strapping it over my chest, with the bag on my back, I feel more comfortable. With this configuration, the bag could easily be worn beneath a coat. The bag is light and unimposing.

How I use it

After my initial use, I found a perfect way to incorporate the My 2nd Brain® Tablet  into my photography life. I have a Hold Fast Camera Swag set up for two cameras. Instead of a second camera, I attached My 2nd Brain® Tablet. There are days when I want to work with as little as possible. I travel with an Ipad so I can read or work on the train, between task. I find a phone too small for somethings. My second brain was perfect for this configuration.


Think Tank Photo’s The My Second brain is a welcomed addition to my photography toolkit. I don’t alway need my Think Tank Urban Disguise 60. It nice to have something that allows a minimalist ascetic. I don’t use it in bad weather but in a case of emergency, I keep a an emergency rain cover that fits perfectly in  My 2nd Brain® Tablet. It’s nice to have something to simplify my photowandering. 

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