Foodalude:Raw coconut macaroon thingies (food photogrpahy practice)

Foodalude:Raw coconut macaroon thingies (food photogrpahy practice)

Part of my current diet is eating as little processed food as possible.  This made the idea of a desert, now in then, somewhat impossible. However my bride found a solution. This also gave me a good reason to practice my food photography

If it’s possible for something to be more of a surprise, I won’t know till it happens . As a simple treat, made by my hands, to be put in front of my camera, this was damn good. Basically I was making the most of window lighting ,adjusting the ISO on my camera as needed.

My Base Recipe for the Raw coconut macaroon thingies


1.5 cup dry shredded coconut

.5 cup almonds

.5 cup cashews

.25 cup honey

Coconut mana about table spoon & 2 table spoons of coconut oil

I took everything, put into a food processor, chilled the mix, formed into balls, and tossed in shredded coconut.


Variations consisted of adding Matcha (green tea powder )

and ground coffee (From the coffee couple)

The coffee variation was amazing, Going to keep making this version for me . I have t play with different amounts though, just to see the results.

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  1. 2nd photo is my favorite. I love the close in view and the details. Also liking the redesign, I think it goes well with the types of photos you showcase with food.

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