Foodalude: Blue Grits (thanks @ForagersNYC)


Sooooooooooooooo I like grits. I really like grits. Blue Grits, until recently, was something I have never had. I have eaten many things made from blue corn . Blue grits have always been a challenge to find, or way to expensive to get for various locations reasons. Enter Foragers city Grocery.    In my search I found a company who made blue cor grits but were rather expensive to ship. They did have Forgers City Grocery as one of their customers. So I paid forgers a visit. When I got there, they did not have it.They did not know they were this companies customer. I was so disappointed. About a week later they contacted me , to tell me they had ordered it.  I traveled to Dumbo to pick it up, I is good.


The color of there grits are definitely  cool and unconventional. Most people are used to yellow or white core grits, not ones made from Hopi maize. Blue corn has several nutritional advantages over standard  corn, containing 20% more protein and having a lower glycemic index than white corn.


Cooking it is fun. The color of the water is trippy. Its a slow 25 -35 minute cooking time, but it is so worth the wait.


The taste is different. More complex than regular corn. It was great to eat.  A simple guilty pleasure. NOM NOM NOM




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