Finally got my hands on the Sony A7c

Finally got my hands on the Sony A7c

It took a little more time than I thought. A bit of patience paid off. I finally got my hands on the Sony A7c. It’s everything people said it would be, well made, quiet, a bit limited, and I could not be happier with this camera. Despite a few people’s negative opinions, getting my actual hands-on the A7c at Mack Camera helped me form my opinion. The boffins at Sony did a good job.



The dimensions of the Sony A7c (A7c) is the most important thing to me. It is what I hoped for when Sony announced the A7iii. I have always wanted a small, simple full-frame camera. While my crop sensor cameras do a great job working with a full-frame has always made me happy.

Tilty screen thingie

When I first started on this current photography path, I had a small canon bridge camera. I had a tilt screen very similar to what’s on the A7c. It opens up a lot of possibilities for composure. The A7c also protects the screen when packed away.


No camera is ever going to be perfect. The A7c is a prime example of that. Yes, buttons & dials are missing that are found on its sibling cameras. The menu system is not new. This camera, more than anything else, feels like an experiment, a boundary being pushed. Imperfection can lead to art.The buttons are not perfect on the A7c, but they are highly customizable. After reading the manual, I realized I could have a similar set up to what I have on the Sony a6400. The front dial is missing, but I can live with that.

VS. Sony a7iii

First off, it’s not that much cheaper than the Sony A7III. That being said, it’s also not that much of an upgrade spec-wise. What this camera is, is an excellent idea brought to reality. For me, it is an ideal everyday full-frame camera. I own a Sony a7iii, but that’s my work camera. When I pick it up, I’m on the job. I don’t use it for anything else to maintain a mental work-life balance. The A7c is an excellent second camera and one that’s ideal to have at all times. It will be mine one day.

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