Exploring the Frontier of 2018’s New York Coffee Festival

Exploring the Frontier of 2018’s New York Coffee Festival

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It was a rare morning where I did not have coffee before I left home. I was in New York, a city run by caffeine. As I walked, I was calm but excited. I was heading to the York Coffee festival.

About the festival

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The New York Coffee festival is a celebration of the local coffee scene. It is an experience where coffee professionals and lovers come together to share knowledge, get inspired and learn.

This year’s festival had over 80 vendors and coffee educators on three floors of Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion. the festival was broken up into sessions to allow as many people as possible to flow through the show. The floor plan was expertly laid out so the attendees could flow through any part of the festival with ease.

My time there

I attended Sundays Morning session. New York wakes up slowly on Sunday so I thought  it would be the slowest one. I was there to bask in the free-flowing coffee in all its variety and forms and find some inspiration for future endeavors. Within my first five minutes at the show, Ape & Peacocks Coffee roasters poured me a delicious sample of their Guji Ethiopia. It was a coffee with fruity notes that the made me smile and set the tone for the day.NY Coffee Festival-20181014- 0931-1757

I checked out Bio Hazard coffee which I had a small sample of. They add extra caffeine and I wanted to pace myself.

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My Next stop was Devocion who made me a lovely espresso and treated me to a drink made from coffee cherries. Through the event, many other roasters and coffee shops continued to let me try their coffee and I was able to sample and enjoy many different types of coffee. I was not just there to drink coffee though

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There was coffee ice cream from Variety Coffee Roasters and Coffee Liqueur from Australia’s Mr. Black. There are so many different ways to enjoy coffee and I did. I was also there to learn what else was available in the local coffee scenes.

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The New York Coffee festival was filled with vendors showing the supply chain part of the coffee industry one rarely  gets to see. There were companies showing cups, espresso machine, and coffee roasters. The New York Coffee festival really gave me the ability to see the other side of the coffee business.

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This year’s Coffee Masters

One of my favorite things at the New York Coffee Festival was the ‘Coffee Masters competition.

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“Judged by a panel of industry figureheads, the fast-paced knockout battle format of Coffee Masters will see 16 baristas showcase their skills head-to-head across a broad range of disciplines: Cupping, Brewing, Latte Art, The Order and The Signature Drink, with The Espresso Blend being included for those who successfully make it to the Coffee Masters semi-finals”

I missed the end of the ‘Coffee Masters competitions and of the New York Coffee festival. There was so much going on and I was there on limited time. I did learn a lot though and I know, mostly, what I want to do when I grow up.

Looking forward to my next coffee festival. 

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Overall the New York Coffee festival was an extremely good experience. I will be going again as I continue to plan my future. There was far too much to cover here but check out New York Coffee festival webs site for details on the rest of the show. It’s also a great resource to get a detailed look at the New York coffee scene.

Over the next year, I will be exploring the shops I learned about and continuing the explore the coffee world with my camera in hand. Here are the rest of the images from my time at the New York Coffee festival, it was fantastic. 

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