Expedition Sakura 2016 Unicorn Hunting thingie

Expedition Sakura 2016 Unicorn Hunting thingie

The cold had finally decided to take a break long enough to allow the cherry blossoms to appear. It was a spring day and with this warmer weather, ideas of ice coffee and hikes were on my mind. The winter, while mild, was a bit rough towards the end. In what is a tradition with me and my friends , we got out there to view and capture the sakura unicorns with our cameras.


Every year I challenge myself to capture spring, in full bloom, with Sakura as my subject. Sakura or cherry blossoms are a fleeting beauty that you have to capture at the right time. Weeks before the bloom I am paying attention to temperatures, rapidly trying to put the winter behind me.While I don’t always have a lot of time to capture the Sakura , making the effort is fun. It gives me something to look forward to. This year I started out with clippings of a tree, playing with it indoors. Warming up for my time in the park


While all my friends were not with me this day Daryl was able to make the trip. When we hand out its like an insane buddy comedy with Legos. Our brides gave us permission to stretch our legs and have some fun and we did not waste a moment.



After a coffee run we traveled to Branch Brook park,in Newark, New Jersey. While the city of Newark has an extremely bad, reputation, it’s not all bad. The park is lined with cherry blossom trees similar to the ones in Washington DC, planted many moons ago. Every year these trees put on a show that draws people from around the world. It’s a site behold.


With our time limited we traveled in down a quiet path in the empty park. It was the morning, the sun was strong , the light harsh. This made things a bit weird, however, we worked with what he had. I had My Nikon D750 with a Nikkor 55mm Macro lens and My Sony A7 with a Venus Optics 15mm macro and a lens mounted reflector. I never used this particular set of gear before so it made for and interesting experience. I got out again with the 35mm on the D750 while on a quick break from work, that was fun as well.


Overall it was an interesting day. I was happy with the frames I found. I think there were a few unicorns in the mix, some of these images will be printed to make the bride happy.

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