Ever just need to relax , here are some tips to help

Ever just need to relax , here are some tips to help


Life can get chaotic. There are times in life when the candle is burned on three ends. At these moments, a relaxation is needed. I reached this point the other day. I went on a photo walk recently. It took some of the edge off. I still needed something more, so I took the kids to one of my favorite hiding spots and we just played around. While there, I was thinking what else could be done to relax.

Get some sleep

If I am too tired, I am useless. A good night’s sleep can help relieve stress. Sleep helps the body recharge also and helps me think more clearly. Thinking more clearly helps me get better shots. If you are a photographer of any type, sleep increases your readiness for the next shoot. This is true even if it is just a quick power nap in a hidden field.

If you have kids, take them out.

Just go for a walk that easy, or you can be crazy and try to teach them photography. It is actually quite relaxing at first. When kids are young, they mimic. It is, basically, point and shoot photography from there. All you have to do is give them a camera and tell them to do what you do. You will find they take some interesting shots. Try to match up with their lens if you can and shoot with a lens that has a lot of range. I tend to shoot with my Tamron 28-200 when out with the kids.

Nature walk

I find a photo walk in the woods ,some spacious thought, or shooting landscape photography can be very relaxing. I will put it simple. The quiet and the outdoors can be soothing. It is nice to get away from the world and be by yourself or with close friends. The whole idea is to get away from it all. I like to take my Sigma 18-50 with me, lately, when out in the field. I can get some proper wide angle shots with that lens.

Relaxing to me

I like to keep my gear simple, my Nikon D90 and one lens on my black rapid RS-7 and if I am going for a long distance I’ll have my Tamrac Evolution 8. I take photos for me and no one else . At the end of it all I have a beer. If you let stress and life gets to you it will have a negative effect of you photography and the rest of your life. Relax some times its good for you.

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