Espressoalude – 3rd Pull

Espressoalude – 3rd Pull

Notes on my espresso education , with the help of Coffee_Couple & BaristaOnDutY, to help improve my coffee photography.

This is today’s first tamp, after i did the pull,I realized it was over done. I need practice, and I don’t like the plastic tamp I have.

The result of my over tamping. This pull took a long time, it dripped out.

I did manage to make an imperfect ameracano , which was actually nice.

I have to work on my grind, tamp, for next go around.

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  1. I love the top shot, terrific lighting!
    I don’t know what an Ameracano is but I love espresso. = )

    1. Thank You!
      Americano = Espresso in Plain Hot Water. Its generally 3oz Espresso Shot @ 5oz Water More Or Less. I tend to like this better than a regular cup of coffee.

      1. I do too, a good double espresso keeps me going for the day. = ) Thank you for letting me know what an americano is. Have a great week!

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