Early Days With the #SonyA7III

Early Days With the #SonyA7III

There is one thing about the full-frame Sony Alpha series, it always reminds me of a Porche.

My Default Sony A7II Setup Sony 35mm F2.8 with Circular Polarizer and a Nitz Strap

When you look at all the current Full Frame Sony Alpha bodies, the Sony A9, A7rIII, A7III, they all look extremely similar just like Porches. However, they all have slightly different bits under the hood that a give them varying abilities and cost. The basic model out of all these cameras is the Sony A7III it is now my primary camera.

Espresso at ISO 5000, living the dream

I have owned a Sony A7 for the past 4 years, and that camera was just my everyday camera, for fun. As the Sony’s evolved so did my shooting style. When the Sony A7III was released, it had a drool-worthy feature set and I decided to make the switch.

a7iii-20180522- 00168
One of the first events I used the A7III at.

I have been using the Sony A7III for  a few weeks  now and so far, it’s been everything I’ve wanted in a mirrorless camera. The basic camera, in a lineup of new Sony Alpha Cameras the Sony A7III is just excellent.

I love walking around with a mirrorless for work, much more than a DSLR.

The Sony A7III is function following form. Ergonomics are much improved over the Sony A7, however, its design is not brand new. The features are not excessive, the cost is reasonable. The Shutter can be silent.

For the specs and full reviews on the camera, you can go to many other sites but for me, there are a few things that make this an ideal camera for me. It has a 24.2MP, back-illuminated, full-frame sensor. An amazing ISO range, 100-12800, allowing me to shoot at ISO 10,000 comfortably. The battery life is MUCH improved and the dual memory card slots are fantastic.

A frame at ISO 12800 and its usable. This makes me happy
Do I have any ‘issues’

I honestly have not been looking for issues. I have just been using the camera. It took me a few days of shooting to refine the settings beyond that I have just been working with the Sony A7III. The only issues I have is I don’t have all the lenses I want yet.

WeeklyGrindThingie -20180603-00446
This frame was made with a Fotodiox FUSION Smart AF Adapter Mark II and a Tamron 70-200 f2.8

In forging a photo, it’s important to have a tool that allows me to follow my vision. I don’t need the most expensive tool, I need the right one. So far the Sony A7III is one of best camera I’ve ever used. It’s a love letter to photography, I adore it. 

Here are a few samples from my early days with the Sony A7III

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