Dry morning, snowy evening


This morning, I woke up too early. I had to go to work though. But since I had a little extra time, I decided to take a quick photo walk in New York. I took the bus to Port Authority bus Terminal and walked to the NY Penn Station in an indirect route.


I love New York in the morning. There something about the city, as it is waking up and letting us Bridge and Tunnel folks in. The locals making their way out the subway into Manhattan to get the work day started.


Deliveries being made, things getting done.


Of course I had to stop and have an Americano. This day I hit Culture coffee.


I eventually had to make my way to work though, put the camera away for a bit.


Next time I took out my camera, the evil stuff was falling from the sky (Did you see this years Doctor Who Christmas Special ).


Smegging Snow/Ice hitting me in the face, hurt.


When I got home the snow calmed down a bit, less painful and such.


The Walk home was tough, took everything in my power not to go to the pub .


In the end, I just slowly walked home. All was calm, all was well. I really had fun with the Nikon 24mm 2.8 today.

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