#ThingDay Droiding around With R4-G9

#ThingDay Droiding around With R4-G9

For a photographer, or any other type of creative, a moment is reached when creativity fails, nothing inspires, the muse is lost. Lately I’ve picked up my instrument, my camera, in the off hours, and nothing has caught my eye. Luckily, in reading I found an idea to help my with my Photog block. One Subject.  I keep a toy with me and try to do something creative with it in my travels. This time around it’s R4-G9 (an astromech droid owned by Obi-Wan Kenobi)


One Subject

Over my years of reading various photography sites I’ve come across a lot of inspirations tips. Having one subject, in my bag to toy around with basically gave me something to do. I challenged myself to come up with 3 shots , to be added to my Toytography gallery. R4-G9 is my first in the series. So far this is helping break my photography block, and I get to play with my toys.


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