Delvians: Early Sakura Season

Delvians: Early Sakura Season

Well because of the weird winter we have an early Sakura Season , here.

Cherry blossoms are out really early, .March 2012 and I usually don’t expect to get shots like this till the beginning of April


My Delvian photography feels weird this year but it is interesting

I am actually writing something on some of the techniques I used to take these pics.

The basics are, i got up really early and took a walk to my local park which has a few cherry trees. There was natural dew to use that added a little effect. I used a flash and natural light, with a macro lens and flash triggers

That being said, I have more shots to get, spring is not over, but as my first Cherry blossom pics of the year, i am happy

I am trying new techniques, playing with light. , its adding a new dimension to things

and perfecting my old style as well.

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