Cost-Enquiry: Sony A7 Series

Cost-Enquiry: Sony A7 Series

In careers, things shift. Needs change with experience. A new camera is needed. I have, over time, been thinking about what gear I need for my current photography life and possibly changing systems. I want my freelance life to grow as my corporate work has. The gear I own now needs and update.  Here is a basic look into my thought process for the new gear I am considering.  


In my corporate life, I needed a camera that has a specific set of features. The camera had to have a full frame sensor, interchangeable lenses, wifi connectivity, and great low light capability. I now require these things in all my cameras. I own one camera that fits this description, the Nikon D750,  but my backups do not.

The Sony A7 Series

While I have used Nikon the most over the course of my career, I have also used a Sony A7. It was the first camera that fit most of my needs with out needing addons. It’s low light capabilities were not the best, though. Since I bought my current A7 there have been significant updates that makes one of its models a strong contender for my next camera system.

Potential Cost

To completely switch to Sony, I would need/want these things, and this is how much it would cost, based on my current workload.

A7r II’Total cost of this switch $6030
A7 II’Total cost of this switch $4350


It would be paid for by current freelance assignments, print sales, and the selling of current gear.

Potential costs of not upgrading gear

Not upgrading could mean the loss of potential assignments. Most of my cameras are getting older now and are well used, I cant rely on them forever. 

Is it financially feasible

The cost of the Sony A7II is more palatable than the A7rII. If I were to consider the A7rII further I would have to add it as a future purchase. The A7II fulfills all minimum requirements. If I don’t have all the money up front all the cash on future projects would go to the paydown of purchase. I have also had good fortune with my Nikon Gear, It’s a hard decision to make, but I know how much it cost if I decide to move in this direction. 

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