#Coffeealude: Visiting Brooklyn Roasting Company Flatiron District 

#Coffeealude: Visiting Brooklyn Roasting Company Flatiron District 

Brooklyn Roasting Company, in Dumbo Brooklyn, is one of my favorite coffee houses. They have fantastic coffee, a great atmosphere and great baristas. I try to make the trip out there as much as I can. When I found out they opened a new Cafe I had to visit.


Sometimes we all need a coffee break. Times get rough , the world becomes bit insane. I take a few of my coffee breaks when photo-wandering in New York City. There are many coffee houses there and the latest one I visited was Brooklyn Roasting Company Flatiron District, 50 West 23rd St. (between 5th and 6th Avenues)



The shop was much different from their Brooklyn location. The place was smaller but not too small, and bigger than most coffee shops in Manhattan. They tried to keep the same vibe as the Dumbo location, however it really did not work for me. The design of the location tried too hard to use the Dumbo aesthetic with items like the gambling table. The coffee bar had its own identity though and flowed nicely. For the most part the Flatiron Cafe does have its own identity but it just needs to separate a little more from the Dumbo location thematically. Brooklyn roasting did do a good job in choosing baristas for the location. Everyone there was cool and relaxed. These folks helped me right away and made me a fantastic iced americano and helped me find a new coffee to try.


Brooklyn roastings company Flatiron location earned a return trip. I will most likely visit while on my summer photo-wanderings. It’s a great place to take a break and have coffee in Manhattan. I prefer the Dumbo spot but when I don’t have time to get there, Flatiron works just fine.

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