Coffeealude: The Right tools

Soooooooo let me set the scene.  I was tired. I had a LOT of miscellaneous things on my mind. Looking at my coffee supply, it was starting to get low. I have a supply of green beans, ready to be roasted for these situations. To take a break I started looking up Coffee roasters. Ive got the coffee roasting bug. While my favorite roasters do it better than me, I find it fun.  However this latest experiment, turned into a burnt coffee disaster.

Anyhoo, in my search I run across roasting coffee in the oven. In my tiredness  I begin to think, why the hell not.  I took a small amount of greens beans and gave it a go. I followed the instructions precisely, turned down the oven temp a bit. I spread the coffee beans on the grate put it in the oven and  Bobs your uncle.

While  I was  watching the coffee, one of my kids decided to have a melt down over something trivial. Smoke starts pouring over the oven. Mass hysteria. Fire alarm goes off. I get the beans out the oven. Every window open in the house. Coffee Haze everywhere. I thought my bride was going to kill me. Luckily she did not. She is still laughing at my utter stupidity. SO  now I am going to save for a home coffee roaster. The other wrong tool I used for this post was my 85 mm 1.8D.  Ill save ‘why ‘ for  a broader post in the Phoblographer.

I did taste the coffee. I made the first via my Aeropress, and the second as a double shot espresso. Burnt Coffee is not for the weak.

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