#Coffeealude: Sampling Zambia from the @LaColombeCoffee WorkShop

Thanks to a local bakery of mine, The Able Baker, I have been able to try more of La Columbias coffees. The most recent has been the their Workshop Zambia. I have been sipping on this coffee for a while ,in various styles of brewing,miss has been an interesting coffee.



  • REGION: Lusaka
  • FARM: Mbuyu Estate
  • FARMER: Willem and Jesper Lublinkhof
  • PROCESS: Mbuni or, dried-on-the-tree
  • VARIETY: SL-28
  • ALTITUDE: 1,100 meters
  • CUPPING NOTES: Sweet sherry, dried berry, fresh tobacco

Tasting Notes The most interesting thing about the Zambia is how unforgiving it is. When your brewed it right it was delicious. If you slightly messed up your extraction in any way the coffee went to ‘ok’ status quickly. At its best the Zambia was had a great body with wine like flavors. It was complex with fruity notes . One of the most fascinating things about the Zambia is it makes glorious cold brew coffee. The Able Baker started making it and when I tried it I was intrigued.

Overall the Zambia is a good coffee. I preferred it more in the afternoon then I did in the Morning and I enjoyed more with savory foods than with sweet. It is defiantly a coffee I will drink again.

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