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As I stroll my part of the globe, camera in hand, there is something I’ve always tried to keep in my bag, canned coffee. Some days I can’t find a decent shop or forget to brew coffee for my canteen. Most canned coffees are hit or miss.  Kohana Coffee, who has a fantastic selection of coffee which I’ve been drinking for years, created their version of canned coffee. I thought it was only available in Texas till I found a shop that carried it in NYC.

Kohanna can black-20150517-0667

The question is it the one canned coffee to rule them all?

Tasting Notes The canned black coffee from Kahona was pretty amazing. I have had a lot of canned coffee from many places and well it is one tastiest. The coffee was smooth and left me wanting a little more. What makes the canned cold brewed coffee unique is it’s slightly sweetened with monk fruit.  Cold its refreshing, but room temperature or warm its is nice as well.  It is excellent for what I want to use it for, my morning photo walks and it just may be me a permanent part of my photography bag. A lot of thought went into the drink.

I’m always ready for that next good cup of coffee. Instead of just staying with same roaster , I have been exploring different cups .Trying new coffee is always fun. Unlike my photography, where I mainly use cameras from one or two companies , I get to drink coffee from a variety of different small businesses. While I have my favorites I have being trying to branch out to explore new flavors. If you are a coffee roaster and want to send me a sample, drop me a message. I’m always looking for new coffee to try.

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  1. Gevon, that is a beautiful shot. Trade image for more RTD???

    Keep doing what you do so well!


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