#Coffeealude: Sampling Ethiopia Yirgz from the @LaColombeCoffee WorkShop

I met the folks of La Colombe Coffee at CoffeeCon NYC 2015. La Colombe is the resident coffee of a local shop called The Able Baker in Maplewood NJ and I unknowingly had been drinking it for a while now. At Coffee Con I learned about their Workshop line of single origin coffee’s. I asked the nice folks at The Able Baker to order me some and they did. I have been sipping on Ethiopia Yirgz from the La Colombe for about a week now and well,I am pleasantly surprised.

I’m always ready for that next good cup of coffee. Instead of just staying with same roaster , I have been exploring different cups .Trying new coffee is always fun. Unlike my photography, where I mainly use cameras from one or two companies , I get to drink coffee from a variety of different small businesses. While I have my favorites I have being trying to branch out to explore new flavors. If you are a coffee roaster and want to send me a sample, drop me a message. I’m always looking for new coffee to try.

Tasting Notes  Its easy to ruin Yirgacheffe coffee. Not everyone gets the roast right. It’s a complex coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia and one of my favorite single origins. This La Colombe Coffee WorkShop coffee was roasted nicely. The beans have a pleasant nose and great color.


I have been brewing the coffee using a SCAA Standard, fine grind coffee-to-Water Ratio:16:1 approximately 1oz (28g) coffee per 16oz (453g) water to make my coffee with the Hairo V60 2

The Ethiopia Yirgz is full bodied with a nice acidity and great aroma. It did not have the ultra lemony burst that pan roasted Yirgacheffe has however it was the lemony notes were pleasant. There were also nice vanilla hints that came through as well. It’s an extremely drinkable coffee especially for spring time. I have been drinking it every morning lately due to a glitch in the matrix( it’s the only coffee in the house at the moment) and I have not gotten board with it. Overall I really like this coffee, I believe you have to try everything once to figure out what you want to try again, I want to have this coffee again.

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