#Coffeealude: Sampling Copper Horse Coffee Toarco Jaya

Trying new coffee is always fun. Unlike my photography, where I mainly use cameras from one or two companies , I get to drink coffee from a variety of different small businesses. While I have my favorites I have being trying to branch out to explore new flavors. At Coffee Con 15 I acquired a few samples. When I got them home I put them in proper storage and started going through them. I’ll post notes on all of the samples till I run out. If you are a coffee roaster and want to send me a sample, drop me a message.

Gservo  Forest -20150315-1

I did not really get a lot of notes of the Copper Horse Coffee Toarco Jaya
before I sampled it. I did have and few ounces of it at CoffeeCon15, but that was not enough to really judge it. They gave me a sample so I could get a proper taste it later.

Gservo  Forest -20150315-2

At home I brewed the Copper Horse Toarco Jaya in my standard way. in an Aeropress with 17g coffee for a12oz cup. This coffee had a nice body with very earthy flavors and hints of citrus and dark chocolate. There was a nice aroma, after it was brewed and the Toarco Jaya had a semi strong acidity to it. The finish was on the ‘ok’ side however the coffee tasted really good cooled. When Cooled the acidity mellowed out. The coffee seemed to go well with sweets, I had it with a donut. I had enough beans to make espresso out of it, and that was pretty decent. Overall the Copper Horse Coffee Toarco Jaya was decent but not my style.

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