#Coffeealude: Sampling Bali Blue Moon Organic by @BooskerdooNJ

The latest coffee I’ve been sipping has been quiet enjoyable. The Bali Blue Moon Organic ,  is somewhat of a local coffee and I have been drinking it almost daily and I have just runt out. Roasted by Booskerdoo Coffee in Monmouth Beach,NJ this coffee was a surprising cup.

If you are a coffee roaster and want to send me a sample, drop me a message. I’m always looking for new coffee to try.


Tasting Notes The Bali from Indonesia had a great nose and a great flavor. The acidity was pleasantly low with spicy sweet notes finished by hints of cocoa. I wish this coffee was roasted a little lighter, I think more flavors would come through. This coffee makes a great morning or everyday drink and something I would like to experience again.

I’m always ready for that next good cup of coffee. Instead of just staying with same roaster , I have been exploring different cups .Trying new coffee is always fun. Unlike my photography, where I mainly use cameras from one or two companies , I get to drink coffee from a variety of different small businesses. While I have my favorites I have being trying to branch out to explore new flavors.


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