Coffeealude: Coppo White Coffee

I am running low on coffee. After I burned some coffee beans in another experiment, I figured Id keep the mad scientist vibe going and try something new…. to me. On a trip to an Asian market, in my area, to get some matcha,  I ran across some white coffee packs. It’s instant coffee from Malaysia .Its basically instant coffee, non dairy creamer with cane sugar.

There is nothing much to making it, 150ml of hot water in a cup and stir.

The package  was pretty simple  and easy to carry.

The Coppo White coffee powder was very fine. I it begins to devolve instantly as soon as it hits the hot water.

The smell, for me, it was new, original even. Because my nose was looking for a traditional coffee smell, I was thrown off a bit. The taste? It was very interesting , better than expected. I would actually drink it again. Its an interesting drink. Coppo White Coffee Not for the coffee purist though.

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