#Coffeealude China Yunnan Coffee from McNulty’s Coffee

#Coffeealude China Yunnan Coffee from McNulty’s Coffee

I have had single origin coffee from many places in the world, but none from China. While in New York one day I stopped at McNultys Coffee and while looking at all of their Coffee offerings the China Yunnan Caught my eye. In a ‘why not’ moment. I bought some to expand my coffee palate some more.


I know very little about who roasted this coffee beyond the fact it’s from Yunnan China. McNulty’s is the only place I have ever seen it.  


Tasting Notes As usual I made the coffee using my aero press and my Hario v60. The coffee favored the v60.  The China Yunnan  had a medium body with a nice strong chocolaty  aroma that did not transfer over to the flavor. It was a bit confusing at first. It reminds me of Columbian  coffee with a little black pepper added. The China Yunnan coffee had a low acidity with a clean finish. I am not sure if I’ll try this coffee again, but I feel like I’ve broadened my coffee palate.

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