Coffee & Bourbon soon to be in action

Coffee & Bourbon soon to be in action

Because I always want to try something new and I am  interested in the unknown, I decided to do an experiment. One day while, on the web I ran into an interesting topic, coffee whiskey. I thought why not have a laugh and try it. My bride thought I was insane so I knew it was a good idea. So I bought some meh whiskey and some good coffee and decided to give it a go.

Jonas Snowmegeddon-20160123-5038

I had a cold brew maker which was just the right size to get my experiment done and during Snowmageddon Jonas, I had time to put the whole concoction together.

Jonas Snowmegeddon-20160123-5048

I used the course grind I could to keep the sediment out of the bourbon. I used La Colombe Workshop Mexico because I’m partial to its chocolaty notes and if this comes out bad, the coffee was not too expensive.

Jonas Snowmegeddon-20160123-5060

From what I read in various places, three weeks sounds like the right amount of time to let the coffee infuse into the bourbon. So now I wait to see if I made something good or evil. Honestly, I have no idea what I’ve created.

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