#Coffealude: #CoffeeGator Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

#Coffealude: #CoffeeGator Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

It has already paid for itself

Once I wanted cold brew coffee in New York. It was a hot day, caffeine and liquid were needed. I found a coffee shop, bought a cup, took a sip and it disappointed. The coffee, dead and hopeless, had little flavor and was expensive. It was a bad combination. Why waste money when you can brew your own.

Buying cold brew coffee used to be fantastic and not everywhere. When it became a fad, every shop started selling cold brew coffee and overcharging. This inspired me to buy something to cold brew coffee at home. Instead of paying 4$ a cup I decided to make a habit of always keeping the cold brew going always have enough to start a day.

After some research, I decided to go with a company I was familiar with, Coffee Gator. I purchased their Cold-Brew Coffee Making Kit with Scoop and Funnel. It was basically the best bang for the buck, coming with just the right amount of tools to make cold brewing easy.

The Coffee Gator Cold-Brew Coffee Making Kit was worth the money. It’s made from quality materials. It is easy to clean and maintain and tucks away nicely when not in use. The quality f the coffee you make is all up to you. Coffee wise it is one my best purchases of the year. I used it all summer and I probably saved well over $100 in coffee purchases.

I managed to make satisfying coffee with the Coffee Gator Cold-Brew Coffee Making Kit. Coffee Gators gear has not let me down yet.  Because I like cold brew coffee at anytime of the year, it will always be in use. 

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