Cherry Blossom Season Is Begining (just a little late)

gservo-1770140412After a long, relentless brutal winter, and a drunk early spring, the cherry blossoms are arriving. We seemed to have a small string of warming days. This has woken up the trees. A great time to take out your camera gear, wake up early and create some spring images. Cherry blossoms are something I look forward to every year. I means we made it through another winter. We can go back out in the light , with lite clothing, coffee in hand, and go on a pleasant photo walk. We can taste the early morning air without freezing body parts off.


I have developed sort of an annual ritual of welcoming the spring by pointing my lenses at the cherry blossoms. Maybe it’s because I am a Japanophile or maybe because its temporary beauty. I am not sure. The Cherry blossom season has started in other parts of the world a few weeks ago.  Cherry Blossoms are a big symbol of spring in Japan. New Jersey is just starting to be constantly be warm. So our season is later than usual. Usually I have done one or two cheery blossom photowalks by this time of year.

gservo-1793140412Sakura time for me is usually calm and free. The gentleness of the blossoms provides a nice photography challenge. The goal is to do something different every year. This year I am working with better macro tools. During the winter months I acquired a Nikon 105 2.8D Macro lens. This lens came with a 2X teleconverter. Its given me a lot play with. I also purchased a self standing monopod (review forth coming). These are things Ive wanted for a while and now I have them.  gservo-1797140412

Cherry blossom time , in the spring is its own world. It’s the dawn of the spring. This transient moment has to be captured just right. You have to pay strict attention to the weather and check the tree’s.In essence you must appreciate nature.

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