Checking Out the @GnarBox at #PhotoPlusExpo2017

Checking Out the @GnarBox at #PhotoPlusExpo2017

Sometimes, when I’m the field I have downtime. It could be a train ride back or having to wait for my next task. During these times I want to edit my video work. I want to get it done, in the most efficient way possible. The issue is I can not always carry my laptop. At PhotoPlus Expo 2017 I think I may have found a solution to this issue, the Gnarbox.


For the Mobile Photog

The Gnarbox is a portable back up system, which can fit in a pocket, that allows you to store your work and edit files on the go. It comes with with a 128gb drive or 256gb, excepts micro Sd & SD cards along with USB connections for card readers or external drives. The Gnarbox is powered by an internal battery. Depending on how you use it, the Gnarbox gives you around 4-6 hours to work.

A cool device in a small package 


The Gnarbox box is also a small computer which runs on an Intel processor. Control by an app you can edit your video on your phone. The app on your phone lets you start editing, from 4K video too .RAW photo. The Gnarbox does all the work and then you can upload your files whereever they need to go or just have a piece of mind you got something done.

I like the Gnarbox for the versatility it can adds to a workflow, in a small package. For more info ok the Gnarbox take a look at their site.



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