Printalude: Some Lessons Learned

In 2018, I will begin selling prints of my camera work. After much research, I decided to create prints my self instead of sending things out to a lab. I did not just buy a printer though and start printing though. I decided to make sure I knew what I was doing before I wasted ink. This is approach is slow, but I feel it will help me create a better product.

Here are the most important lessons I have learned so far.


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Printalude: I decided to prepare myself…

Photography is my passion. I have been doing it, my way, for years now. Learning this craft has been an interesting path, and lately, I found myself wanting to grow even more. What I decided to do was my digital work, physical. I decided to start personally printing my work. Instead of just buying any printer, and just printing,I decided to prepare myself. It’s a slower way of doing things, maybe a bit stupid, but I believe I will make fewer mistakes as I put ink to paper.

Here is the prep work I have done so far. 


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