#we35 Field Report : Dealing with the macro itch

Occasionally I get the itch for macro photography. It helps me deal with my creative slumps and the grey days of winter. I have my favorite macro lenses but I realized I had put them away. I questioned myself on how to deal with my macro urges during the we35 project. Then I hit my self on the forehead and went doh! I have closeup lens filters.


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#we35 : Rainy Tuesday

It’s that time of year where it is more dark than light. This morning was grey and wet. The rain was coming down as the morning really began. Kids were going off to school, adults off to work. It would have been more miserable but people kept saying “At least it’s not snow”. It made people feel better about being cold and wet. Rain at 35mm is always interesting. Getting close to people is not always the best idea. Umbrellas in the way people just wanting to get some place dry. It seems easer to keep your distance and capture frames as you try to move between rains drops.

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#we35 : Nikkor 35mm f2d & Nom Nom Nom

Choosing the correct tool for a job or project is important. For the we35 research project I have chosen the Nikon 35mm f2d. Cheaply bought on eBay , a small size and easy to keep with me at all time this lens was just right. While not considered the best 35mm by many , with newer versions available by Nikon and Sigma , it is the best for me. To give it a thorough first test I took it out to lunch , a nice controlled environment and I was hungry.

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#we35: Lenses are like Donuts

As I begin this journey, with the band of photographers in ThePhotoFronteirs 35mm research project ,something has been on my mind. It is which 35mn lens not to use. Lenses are like donuts. They vary in quality, shape and size and I have three to choose from.

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Preliminary #We35 #PhotoWandering

Today I started focusing on the WE35 research project I have become a part of. I had a rare opportunity to relax so I placed my old Nikon 35mm PC 2.8 on my Sony A7 with the metabones adapter and took a trip to Dumbo Brooklyn. I generally photo walk there either a 24mm or 50mm lens. Dumbo is an art district so there is always some thing to catch my eye and the 35mm seemed just right.

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