#PhotoWandering: That Weird Feeling 

It was a fall day in New York City. I had, sudden, free time and decided to go for a quick photowander. As I was walking, a “I have a bad feeling about this” vibe rushed over me. The city was weird. People seemed mad at each other,well more than usual. The police were on edge as they were blocking off 5th Ave , and I did not feel like taking photos. A crowd was coming, protesting current events. I made my way out of the city and into a movie theater. (Doctor Strange was good).



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#Photowandering #withJamesMaher

The summer has ended. I sit here looking at the last bit of photo wandering for the season. This was a group walk with friends and fellow photogs. I was invited by my good friend and Everyday Photographer Scott Wyden  to take part in an NYC Photo Day with James Maher and his guest Darlene Hilderandt.  We could not ask for a better day. The sun hung brightly in the sky without melting us. New York had a slight pleasant breeze. We could not ask for a better day.

Gservo-20160830-7245 (more…)

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#Photowandering: The DUMBO Coffee Run

It may seem a little looney, however, my whole photowandrring routine started as a coffee run. Kids were out of school and I had a duty not to wake them up. It’s a simple goal. So instead of just staying in the house quietly I get up and walk, always seeking coffee. One of my favorite places to go for coffee is in DUMBO and that’s where I ended up on this fine day.

Gservo-20160826-7122 (more…)

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#PhotoWandering in Central Park

It was a comfortable morning , in the summer of 2016. I was up early , as usual, and found myself on a bus heading to New York City. Once I got to the city and realized I would not melt, I found myself drawn to Central Park. It is a location I am obsessed with, you can say. I always find myself here at some point, just walking. It’s very easy to be alone there. On this morning, with my camera in hand, I wandered through the park just because.

Gservo-20160823-6951 (more…)

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#Photowandering: More Heat and Humidity

It was an early morning , exploring the frontier in a city that knows how to keep things interesting. I woke up, hit the train and I was in New York. I left Penn Station and I just started walking. It was a low energy morning for me, the heat had returned and the sweat beaded on my forehead. I took my time as I drifted through the city because of this. There was not a lot of people around the big city this morning with the heat and humidity. Weather like this makes people limp. They were happy to just stay in and take their time getting to work.



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#Photowandering at 15mm

It was a quiet morning out exploring the frontier in New York, not my home town. While the summer was hot and nasty, this day was more mild than the average summers day. It was a few days after a meh bit of photo walk so I decided to change things up a bit. I slowed my photography down by pulling out my metabones adapter and attaching my Venus Laowa 15mm f/4 to my Sony A7. Photo wandering, in New York with this lens, has been on my to-do list.



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