Yes, Yes I am looking forward to Photo Plus Expo 2016

ppe-2016-thumb-registration-is-openIts that time of the year again. Photo Plus Expo, the largest photography and imaging conference in the region, is upon us. I have attended the conference, at the Javits Convention Center, in New York, for many years now. The conference has been my best tool in making my  purchasing decisions. If I need and want new equipment, there is a great chance I will be able to test it there. I also get to enjoy the company of good people and  geek out on photography.

Here is what I am looking forward this year when I attend the Photo Plus Expo. (more…)

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#TheCrunch: Numbers In Action

And here it is, days after the Papal Visit. I have been debriefed, I’ve answered questions and is thought I’d share the data I collected on my work.


I wish I could say it was a quiet time in the North East of the United States, however, it was not. The Popes visit to the area became a Crunch point for many people. As the head of the Catholic Church, the Pontiff has the ability to change people’s lives with a touch, and this drew, or was to suppose anyway, huge crowds. To prepare for these pilgrims, many people spent months preparing. They did good work.


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A bit of time around a different train station

Well it was a quiet day in New Jersey today. The weather was calmer than I thought it would be. Today I had some camera work at the RedBank Train Station. The station had been renovated and I had to capture the ribbon cutting event with my camera. I was using any typical work gear, A Nikon D750 , a Sigma 24-105 f4 and a missing i40 as a fill flash. The sunlight kept changing in amazing dramatic ways so I had to compensate with some fill flash. Overall it was an good event, simple and clean.

IMG_0743.JPG (more…)

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Give without any expectations of returns or recognition

Lately there have been examples of how unequal/unfair the world can be. People honestly get upset when ripped out of their cozy worlds to be slapped in the face by cold unforgiving reality. However there are those people who’s lives are really unfair especially around this time of year. There are some kids who don’t have the normalcy of life that many enjoy. Through the hand of fate their lives are very challenging.
There are those who see this and without any expectations of returns or recognition, give their time and money to bring a bit of happiness to these kids lives. I got to do some Camera Works for the Annual Railmen for Children Santa Train which was filled with 330 special needs students. They rode the train with Santa and his helpers. Each student got a gift, of their choosing thanks to the generosity of some NJ TRANSIT Employees retirees and customers. It was nice to experience this amongst all the vitriol present in the world. I was happy to lend a hand and my camera to this cause.

IMG_0584.JPG (more…)

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