Finally got my hands on the Sony A7c

It took a little more time than I thought. A bit of patience paid off. I finally got my hands on the Sony A7c. It’s everything people said it would be, well made, quiet, a bit limited, and I could not be happier with this camera. Despite a few people’s negative opinions, getting my actual hands-on the A7c at Mack Camera helped me form my opinion. The boffins at Sony did a good job. (more…)

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Working With the Sony 20mm f/2.8 E

Its small, black, fast 20mm and ready for travel. The Sony E 20mm f/2.8 Lens has quickly become one of my favorite lenses, here’s why.

sony 20mm-20180705-03846


Something I always wanted in my kit, was an autofocus pancake lens. So, a few weeks ago, I finally decided to get the Sony 20mm f2.8 from Mack camera. I always like to keep a small, inexpensive wide angle lens in my kit for photo wandering and this was almost the smallest. I use the Sony 20mm mainly with my Sony A6300 but I can use it on my A7 and A7III in crop mode as well. (more…)

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Early Days With the #SonyA7III

There is one thing about the full-frame Sony Alpha series, it always reminds me of a Porche.

My Default Sony A7II Setup Sony 35mm F2.8 with Circular Polarizer and a Nitz Strap

When you look at all the current Full Frame Sony Alpha bodies, the Sony A9, A7rIII, A7III, they all look extremely similar just like Porches. However, they all have slightly different bits under the hood that a give them varying abilities and cost. The basic model out of all these cameras is the Sony A7III it is now my primary camera. (more…)

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Lens Goals for My Sony Switch

In forging a photo, it’s important to have a functional tool that allows me to follow my vision. I don’t need the most expensive tool, I need the right one. This is something I’ve learned over the year’s and what I’ve kept in mind as I decided on what lenses to buy for my Sony cameras. It’s easy to go overboard and I gave myself goals based on the camera work I actually needed to do.


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Working with the Fotodiox FUSION, Smart AF Adapter Mark II

Having favorite lens is comforting. When it’s used, you know what results you are going to get. This makes camera work more efficient. Having to give up a lens like that hurts…

The Tamron 70-200 on the Sony A6300 with the Fotodiox FUSION Smart AF Adapter Mark II

While switching from Nikon to Sony, I thought I was going to have to give up a few of my favorite lenses. I tried to use them with a Metabones Nikon G to E-mount/NEX adapter, however. I never got all the results I wanted.


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