#WeeklyGrindThingie : Keeping Calm, Carrying on

It was a strange week in a state that knows how to.drive a person slightly insane. It’s was early January and the weather was a tad bit drunk. We went from frozen snow on the ground to light jackets back to winds so cold you could not feel your nose.



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#WeeklyGrindThingie : Could Not Feel My Nose

It was a frozen week in an area that sometimes handles the cold well. The first week of 2018, exploring the frontier. the temps were so cold. In my part of New Jersey, if hot cups of coffee or some other warm drink were not available, hearts would break. So that’s How I began my photography for the year, with a cup of coffee. Looking at the upcoming weather, I knew the week had the possibility of some interesting camera work.

#WeeklyGrindThingie-20180101-03244 (more…)

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What, Now, Stays In My Bag


Camerawork is an ever evolving craft. As I gain experience and the scope of may daily work, changes, so must what I carry in my camera bag. Recent events basically changed everything. I was put in a few situations where I was not prepared, for once. I was able to  perform my job, but I could have done better. I usually try to think a few steps ahead. This is what I’m going to keep in my bag, to stay prepared.


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Jonas The Stormy Snowy Menace

It was an easy, mellow winter till this blizzard came through and reminded us what this time of year was all about. Suddenly sunny cold days turned to messy snowbound ones. People tried to go to and fro with their daily routines, after the snow, but they were screwed.

Winter Storm Jonas-20160123-6638 (more…)

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Guess who’s not Going to be your next Wedding photographer

When I started to redo my photography services page,  the first thing I deleted my weddings photography option. Working as a wedding photographer is something I tried , then I tried again and in 2015, I did my last one. I admire the photographers who make their living with wedding photography. They are better people than me.

gservo lw-20151024-4865


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#Camerabag Prep to Weather the Winter

As the photographer in residence, at my job, one of my task is going out in snowy weather to report on the conditions of our property’s. When I first started doing this, I really did no prepare well, this year I’m changing that. Beyond just having a camera in my hand there’s a few things I’ve learned to keep with me along during inclement weather.


Here’s a quick list of my winter gear


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#CameraWork: Moving Along

It was a quieter week her in NJ, it started off with me cranky but ended nicely. There was only one work event and a lot of clean up amongst other things. I was also supposed to be prepping for a training trip,but due to clerical errors(not mine) it’s not happenings.I made it through and got things done though, even some personal photography, sometimes work can be a journey ….

Weekend Coffee-20150530-0775


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