52:19 All the Elements Did Not Correspond


Its been a strange journey through time and space. There has been change. There has been pain and joy. These things have taken simple form at times and complex ideas at other times. This has cause creative delay on this front. I have been playing a bit too much on instagram and I have also been neglecting this site,  my writings and this 52 challenge.  I wish I did have a Tardis to escape some of the madness. When I took this pic I was reviewing the Panasonic GX7. I had my Helios 85mm  lens on it with and adapter. For “The One Aperture Challenge” I tried to set a scene something alien.  (more…)

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52:18 Playing with the Helios 85 1.5

gservo-3084140510Its been an interesting week in my photography world, here in NJ. The weather has been decent and an excellent time for photography. I recently acquired a new lens. I learned about this lens from a new online friend Cory Lum. I was telling him about my desire to own a Nikon 135mm F2 DC and he suggested I try a Russian Helios 85mm 1.5. I researched it and purchased it. I love a good experiment. So for “The One Aperture Challenge” we have the Tardis shot with the Helios in the forest. Is an excellent lens for me, bokelicious and fun. (more…)

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52:17 The Bridge Of Terror And The Bear In The Grass

Well…this is late again.

gservo-2584140429It’s been an awkwardly busy time in my world. The weather has been consistently decent. So it has not been the issue. The weather has actually provided some good opportunities for my photography. When I created this image for my “The One Aperture Challenge” I was out at work. This image is of the Pulaski Skyway,a four-lane bridge-causeway, in NJ. Its viewed as a death trap by many. I took this image a f11 but with a Neutral Density Filter. It was early in the morning. This meant a long exposure in a new place I could not resist. I knew I would be there so I had my Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5D with me on my Nikon D700 I also had my 3 Legged Thing Brian in the car as well. It made a ultra early morning bearable. It did not take me too long to get the shot. It did take me a while to get to processing it. Time kinda got away from me. (more…)

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52:16 Slightly Insane but warmer

gservo-2518140427Its been warming up  here in NJ. You can go out side and not freeze a body part off. Coats have been going away and the flowers have stayed on the trees. Spring has not been an illusion. Along with that there has been some experimentation. For my “One Object Challenge” I was working with a Redacted . I have been putting a few of my primes on Redacted. I was inspired by my Friend Scott Wyden. There will be more on this subject later. I have been enjoying this set up and I think I will get a lot out of it. (more…)

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52:15 Distracted By The Insanity


  • Note: This is late… Really late. Will catch up by tomorrow for my own sanity.

It has been insane. Crazy schedule changes, birthdays, etc. I have been all over the place. Still taking photos though. I have not been in front of a computer to go through it all. As of this post I have started catching up. As you know spring has finally arrived in New Jersey. The weather has been drunk and chilly but slowly warming up. The Cherry blossoms have come out and I was there to catch some it. I will be talking more about it in a forthcoming post and gallery.It was also a perfect subject for my “The One Aperture Challenge”. I used all my new lens acquisitions for this year photos and for this image I used the Nikkor 105 2.8 Macro it worked out well. (more…)

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52:14 I Quiet Spring Day

gservo-1760140412The temperatures have been getting warmer, here in NJ. This led to a nice and warm weekend. This also led me to wake up early on a Saturday morning and go out for some peaceful photography. With a Nikon 105mm 2.8D Macro Lens and a 2x Teleconverter on my D700. I laid in the morning grass. I was in the quiet of the morning. There was no one around so I did not look like too much of an idiot to others. I have been wanting to work on my macro. I was shooting at a high ISO and hand-held. Next time I’ll carry a desk top tripod to make a sharper image. I may use a closeup filter as well. The morning with the dew on the grass. is a perfect time. It was also a perfect shot for my “The One Aperture Challenge” . I took a few shots but this was one of my favorites. I found satisfaction with this attempt. There is nothing like manually focusing in the morning. (more…)

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52:13 “So Spring must dawn again with warmth and bloom”

gservo-1512140403It was actually a warmer week.in NJ. I was not freezing. Spring, though late seems to have started. The colors have started to come back to the world. This week I was working with my macro lens.I have been coming down from a major life event. I am still cleaning up some minor issues but I have still been able to keep some focus on my photography. This week I have been working with my newer macro lens. I adore macro in the spring. For my“The One Aperture Challenge”  I had to create something colorful. I kept it simple. I left the other images for forthcoming post on The Phoblographer. (more…)

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52:12 Warmer days

gservo-1420140329It’s been a somewhat warmer week in NJ. The snow has melted. Life has been better, thing more manageable. Walking down the street has not been a challenge. Walking in the woods has been less of an adventure. This means the parks are clean as well. I got to get up and breath in the morning air and do some photo work out doors. Nothing much, just catching up on some reviews etc. I was working with a macro lens so for my “One Object Challenge”. It’s was a moment to try some different,explore the bear more. This time I did a head shot. This is where the challenge begins. I have to keep it interesting, for me. (more…)

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52:11 After Some Distraction

gservo-1270140322It’s been insane here in NJ. The weather has been drunk and winter has been trying to keep its grasp on us. It’s not working out though and spring is slowly trying to make its way back. I created the images for this week, almost a week ago. My productivity has been derailed by and issue in my life that is now ending. It’s left me distracted. So here I am finally getting to this weeks 52 post. There images were from a shoot I was @Henchtog on. It was for a dojo in South Jersey.  For this weeks “The One Aperture Challenge” I chose to throw on an ND filter set the camera to f11 and get this long exposure . I rushed it, but the image came out OK. When your are a Henchtog the job come first creativity second. Anyhooo some post work later I had my image.


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