#CameraWork : The Factotum Stratagem 

My new career has been keeping me really really busy. Lets get one thing straight I regret nothing. A side affect of my new career is I have become a bit of a factotum I have had many diverse activities or responsibilities thrust upon me, but I have avoided becoming a general servant of the state.  One cool thing that has come out of this is the amount of writing I have been doing. It’s gotten back to blogging on a semi regular basis (partial thanks to the we35 project for writing inspiration) along with an increase in photography time. Win Win mostly. I have also been listening to new music and looking at a lot of photography.

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I been a lot more busy, career wise as well as personaly. Here is sort of a log of recent activities what ….

Freelance – I have not bee doing a lot of freelance lately, there has just been no time as I have learning some new things however I did sneak some stuff in Recently. I will be updating my service page soon with new prices for bespoke photography.


A good friend of mines, Daryl Meek, celebrated the first communion of his daughter and I produced a family portrait for them and a few other family photo’s. This is one of the services ill be keeping, I like working with families.

Recent CameraWork Photography for my day job has been… interesting. I usually cannot show most of it,but I do post some of it on Instagram occasionally . The day job has had me doing a lot of events, a bit of products, portraits and some architecture work In the future and ill share some more of my work process with  more samples soon.

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Recent Things I written and where my images have appeared 

Favorite Images I’ve seen

#We35 research on the streets of #Denver. #exploringthefrontier #street #steam #denverurbanlife

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Most Used Tools lately 

Because I am Monsieur CoffeeGeek, I’ll end my eve posting a coffee photo – a siphon brew earlier on.

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In my Ears I have been listening to TotallyRadio a lot lately, My favorite shows lately have been The Daily Show drawing from a bottomless well of obscure singers and musicians and Aracataca  sampling the harder edges of Latin music. These shows have gotten me through a few writing task recently.


I am doing some freelance product work for Yogic Chai, updating some older product work I did for them in the past.


I have a week of hell at the day job, I think ill get a lot of event images from those days.  Beyond that ill just be drifting along doing lots of different things.

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