#CameraWork :  Smegging Busy Week is Behind Me, Calmer Days Ahead, I Hope

#CameraWork :  Smegging Busy Week is Behind Me, Calmer Days Ahead, I Hope

This past week was a challenge. The weather was decent and that was the best Art of the week.Lots of angry people venting, along with a weekend or carting equipment to various parts of NJ left me question reality at times. It was mostly intense but the team I am on handled it with distinction. For the most part it took up a majority of my time…


Last week was interesting because it triggered some of my negative introvert tendencies. Basically it left me wanting to be left alone. It is an issue I have.  I find myself needing to reset after spending too much time around large crowds of people. I prefer quite. It is something I have to get used to in my newish career. Of course I did not communicate this to my wife. I got in a mood where I  could not  stand/deal with lots of people and found my self is a situation that should not have been stressful. After me saying I didn’t want to go, my wife dragged me to a street fair. I was done after the first person tapped me on my shoulder to ask me about the Red Dwarf shirt I had on. I retreated. I though one day would have been enough, but I needed two. Not crowds, I did get a lot of reading and some writing done when I acknowledged my issue.

hearings-20150519-8497If you need a break take one. Don’t let people talk you into things you don’t want to do.

Freelance /Personal CameraWork There was no freelance work . I was completely focused on one task. The job that pays the bills is the most important .

Corporate CameraWork While helping to  run  “hearings” for my company, I was not working as a photographer, but as a AV & Logistics person. The company did not want photography coverage, however. Because I always have my camera with me I took pics at 35mm just because…


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There were no blog post just Instagram post

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Most Used Tools lately 

The Music While driving  I listened to music, especially on the late night drives home. One of my Favorite Shows was the  The Daily Show // 15 May 2015 // Texas special #2

Word thingies A few articles caught my eye. There was a review on a Leica 35mm that mad me drool. My friend Scott Wyden posted #AskScottWyden – Seeing Unicorns  , it was a great answer to a question that always makes me laugh .

Forthcoming A return to something resembling ‘abnormal’. I put a lot of stuff on hold. I am playing catchup. I have been out using my camera and I have process and releases stuff. I am coming up with a better posting schedule and I am slowing ramping up and trying to improve my writing. It is all coming down to time management now and finding a constant comfy quite place to work.

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