#CameraWork: Now back to our regularly scheduled program, NOT

#CameraWork: Now back to our regularly scheduled program, NOT

It’s is a new day, a beautiful day and not normal…


It was a somewhat busy summer for my photography life. I got up early, as much as I can and wandered around New York taking photos. There were press conferences for work and other interesting opportunities to hit the shutter all around, good times. I made it through to most of September, tired from another issue, but mostly happy with the body of work I produced in the recently. I feel I learned something in the morning sun and refined my photography a little more.


The work I’ve been doing lately has been eating a lot of time. Other issues have been eating up my evenings. With this in mind. I’ve been rethinking an old idea of “Notes from the field” sharing my ideas as they happen, which is not often. I have been enjoying my camerawork lately, not because it, but because it is there.


I feel like I need a new bag. My photography path has been exploring lots of new frontiers lately. I have been moving from place to place, between New Jersey & New York. My current favorite bag the Thinktank Urban Disuse 60 kitted out with shoulder harness and a cupholder while brilliant has not always been big enough. My Think Tank Photo Airport Accelerator Backpack has been too big, at times, but I’ve been using it more and more. The size problem is not the bags, fault, I am a big person, so that bag and me in a crowded train is not always fun.

I’ve been longing for a better backpack truthfully, somewhere in the middle of the Urban Disguise and the Accelerator. I sometimes spend and average of 12 hours in the field and I need to carry food and coffee to make it through along with my gear. In my line of work finding a decent place to eat is not always an option or to avoid long waits there is not time.

I’ve started going back to the gym. I want to cut some weight. I am trying to find a workout that helps my photography has been a task. Anyone have any suggestions? The goal is just to get smaller.

Most used Instruments

News entertainment stuff  I discovered some new music a band called Wagakki, traditional Japanese mixed with rock, it’s pretty awesome. I have no clue what’s being said, but I still enjoy listening.

Watched a New Anime again Arpeggio of Blue Steel. I watch the full first season(is there more) on Netflix and I was entertained. It was a unique take on an Idea I first saw in Macross Plus. I have to see if more of that series exist


I’ve started new projects. Life is boring without change so I’ve been working on a new home studio. I event started Pinterest boards for ideas. I need to get my freelance work and writing in a rhythm again. It’s is a challenge but with posting from the field and these new ideas I’m working on I should be able to keep from getting board.

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