#CameraWork: Moving Along

#CameraWork: Moving Along

It was a quieter week her in NJ, it started off with me cranky but ended nicely. There was only one work event and a lot of clean up amongst other things. I was also supposed to be prepping for a training trip,but due to clerical errors(not mine) it’s not happenings.I made it through and got things done though, even some personal photography, sometimes work can be a journey ….

Weekend Coffee-20150530-0775

I’ve been trying to be more productive and it’s working. I have not had to sacrifice much besides more time. Time management , using my online calendar more has been a key to my improvements. I think my job has basically moved passed chaos mode and I now have time to refine my task list.

Welcome to thingday #We35 #EveryDayPhotographer #darkroomapp

I have things I need to finish , like a small book on last summers photo wandering. Once I get that done I will like I accomplished a milestone, I have thing plotted out and I have to finish wiring some key things for the book.

To sum up my mood .... #We35 #darkroomapp

Freelance /Personal CameraWork/Post There was no freelance work to speak of however I did have a few post here.

I sampled a fantastic ready to drink cold brew black coffee from Kohana coffee

I also completed my we35 research for May which was focused on a local event.

I even talked about some recent Photowanderng in New York

Recent work at the day job I pulled factotum duty at a Police award ceremony. The images I created for them came out great however I haven’t finished the video.

Favorite Images I’ve seen

Reading material I’ve been prepping for a project and I needed some advertising inspiration. I pulled out to books I got a while from WorkBook called single image. I have #34 and #35. For the first time ever I went to their website and I am not adding it to my reading list. The blog is info rich and a pleasure for my geeky eyes.

Most Used Tools lately 

Links I’ve liked

OnTheGrid  On the Grid is a designer’s guide to neighborhood gems. It was created by Hyperakt, a design agency based in Brooklyn.

WorkBook Workbook is dedicated to providing the creative community premium sourcebooks, and a website with comprehensive features and resources for finding top talent and services.

Forthcoming I have  camera work for and ad campaign and I have to finish my personal workspace for some freelance product photography.

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