#CameraWork: Meh

#CameraWork: Meh

This week, here in NJ has been rather, odd. The world seemed to swing by, I was less productive than I wanted to be. The weather was all over the place,rainy at times sunny. I’ve been mostly local, with just a bit of camerawork. Over all it was a meh week and lots of coffee was needed.


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Everything I planed to do, scheduled even, did not seem to work out, and I could not figure it out. I decided to just let the week flow by. It’s ok to have a meh week, now and then, because it gives me time to recharge and catch up on back end task. I am in the middle of decommissioning my old workstation at home. This computer has become extremely obsolete , not in raw processing power but in its size and function. I’ve become more mobile as well as my work and I barely sit in one place anymore. I’ve been using a MacBook Pro  the to as my primary machine and an iPad for my quick writing.

My decommissioning consist of moving and organizing about a terabyte of data , deleting what I don’t need any more archiving the rest.  It’s a little time consuming but it can all happen while I get domestic geek things done.


I got two post this week here…. I need to start cranking out more of the non work related  writings thingies. I got a we35 Groot accord done, and talked about a coffee shop I recently visited. I have some more things on the burner from some recent photography outings, I should have them up soon.


I was busy on Instagram as usual (I can follow me here) here are my favorite images from my Instagram feed. I had some unexpected photo-wanderings amongst other things.

I hope everyone enjoyed their #NationalDonutDay #We35 #darkroomapp

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Some rain fell on the big apple #We35 #exploringthefrontier #EveryDayPhotographer #darkroomapp #NYC A photo posted by Gservo (@gevonservo) on

@nasa in #NYC #We35 #darkroomapp

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I  did a  photo shoot for an ad camping at work while I can’t show those images, it was a learning experience. We also started our Music In motion program again. I get go out and create images of musicians once or twice a week. I am going to try and make a bit more artsy this time. Awards Article-20150604-9197 My favorite images of the week, were from a trip I missed. My we35 team members went on an epic expedition  ,dropping my jaw several times. I was green with envy. Words are largely inadequate when it comes to some of these images…

Playing with hipstamatic out the car window. #NxNW2015 #Hipstamatic #Dee #BlacKeys44

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