#CameraWork : It Was Supposed To Be The Quite Before The Smeg Storm 

It was an awkward week, out here exploring the frontier. The weather has been less drunk and holding pleasant temperatures however that was the best part of it.Things Happened, a tragedy with Amtrak made the week go from prepping for a week of hell to a bit of insanity. My job,  being what it is, was inundated with people seeking info we could not give. This led to a last minute press conferences and still making sure I was ready was the anticipated days of anger. With all this going on I tried to balance time with the family making sure I made it to as many practices and other events as possible, knowing I would be working late for most of the upcoming week.

Senator Event-20150511-0560

Freelance /Personal CameraWork  There was no freelance work this week however there was some fun. I took mini me out for a day of fun. I carried my camera with me aswe walked through New York, passing though toy stores and riding the musical subway. It was a pleasant moment with in the crazy times that seemed to be surrounding me.  New York is alway pleasant this time of year and I always get a case of PhotoWanderLust. There is so much to see in New York and it is always changing.

Senator Event-20150513-0597

Senator Event-20150513-0617

Senator Event-20150513-0619-2

I did sneak into B&H to get a room shot for my good friend and fellow We35 researcher  Scott Wyden who was teaching a class there on Wednesday and yes the image was taken with a 35mm lens.  I enjoy being able to assist my friends whenever I can.

Senator Event-20150513-0592

Corp Camera Work At first I had no camera work scheduled for this week. All of this week was supposed to be prep work and catching up with writing assignments. That changed and I ended up as liaison at a press conference. I had to make sure the people running the event had the cooperation of people in my company as well as capturing the event  for company records. I made some new contacts

Senator Event-20150515-8382

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Forthcoming  Week of hell 2015. I’ll be doing events photos over the next 7 days or so with a bit of fun in between. I plan to go into the forthcoming days with complete calm. What is … is. If I take things one day at a time ill come through with a some good images and great xp (Experience points)

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