Call Of the Nikkor 50 1.2

Call Of the Nikkor 50 1.2

Towards the end of my time in the WE35 project, I sort of got the itch to use a different lens, it was my 50mm f1.2. While the 35mm lens has become my everyday lens, the Nikkor 50mm 1.2 has always been one of my top tier lenses. Lately, I’ve run into situations that called for it. During the past year though I had packed it way to make sure I used the 35mm as much as possible. But now and in the near future, it’s needed so I thought I’d, go out and re-familiarize myself with it.


I usually use this lens on my Nikon D750 but when I was the last time I was out with it, I had it on my Sony A7 with an adapter. I live in New Jersey, one of the least popular states in America, but it has its beauty, especially where I live. The area great for landscape photography. Under a clear blue sky on a chilly winters day, I went for a walk in South Mountain Reservation. It was a simple short enjoyable moment.


I Kept the lens on for a few more days as I wondered through my world and event for a bit of toytography. Using a manual focus lens like the 50mm 1.2 requires a bit of practice. it’s like working a muscle, the more you use it the Better you are with it, this lens is back in the rotation.

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