Thoughts on Coffee Common’s NYC event


So Coffee Common came to A Startup Store in Chelsea ,  New York City. If you know my adoration for all things coffee, you know it drew me like a moth to a flame. For $5 I got to sip on great coffee samples and get some coffee questions answered in person. (more…)


Macro from Teh long photo walk


What you’re looking at is a bit of macro photography. Macro photography is one of my favorite things. I  don’t think I could function in the photography world without it. While I’m not drowning everyone in macro photos, I do make sure I take them as much as possible. So while on my photo walk I did get a few frames, 3 presentable frames to be specific. (more…)


The Coffee of Teh Long Photo Walk

Recently I did my annual photo walk. When I do long photo walks I partially fuel myself with coffee. This year was no different.  I visited 2 coffee shops, which I have been to before, and one shop which was new to me. My goal was to watch thebaristas work, and really focus on what they do. Oh yeah get caffeinated .

The First coffee shop visited was Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee @JacksStirBrew , 222 Front St (btw Beekman St and Peck Slip), New York, NY 10038, in the South Street Seaport area. It was my first coffee of the day was. I had a cappuccino (one shot of espresso, one-third steamed milk, topped by one-third foam. ) .  While the cup had a decent taste,  overall it was a little disappointing because it was in a paper cup. The last time I was at Jack’s Stir Brew, I got a proper porcelain cup.  I hate drinking our of paper cups, especially at a coffee house.

A Macchiato at Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream


The Coffee of Teh Long Photo Walk
A Cappuccino at Jack's Stir Brew Coffee

2nd Pull

My second attempt, this time i had a little more time to think and note things. I adjusted the grind and the tamp, and got better cups. While the Crema was not perfect there was an improvement in the espresso pull. (more…)

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2nd Pull
The Grind, here, still too course, this is what I use for my Aeropress, its not fine enough
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