Another Impromptu Photo walk

Another Impromptu Photo walk

Recently I had another impromptu photo walk in NYC. It started off really early because I had to be in New York City  for My Espresso Class with Coffee Common at 9Am

Some New Yorkers, in their early morning stupors, forget pants are required in the cold.
The Cabs tend to be out first in the mornings. It’s easy to get shots in the streets at this time.

When walking I tend to look down alley ways, you never know what yo might see.

I took a walk through the Chelsea Market Its always interesting there.

Always good food at  Chelsea Market , freshly made. I had a good time walking .

It was a fantastic day over all. Gear used Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens on  a  Nikon D90

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  1. Awesome shots of NY! I just love the one with the baby looking into the shop, great catch. In the top one, did you stand in the street to get that shot? You always throw in a shot that makes me hungry, I need to buy a muffin.

    1. You flatter me! Yes I was standing in the street.

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