An Unexpected Quick Tour of The Paterson Museum #we35

An Unexpected Quick Tour of The Paterson Museum #we35

Sometimes work can get Mundane. However If i leave my self open to new experiences, always hoping to see something new, occasionally I do. Recently on an assignment to check a space for an event, I realized I was in a cool museum. I was an unexpected surprise and became a great moment for a quick bit of we35 research. I had a smaller camera with a 35 mm lens and a lot of interesting things in front of me, how could I resist.


Location Patterson Museum

Instruments Sony a7 , 35 mm fe , Nitz strap

Observations A small camera and a 35mm lens in a Museum was damn near perfect. I ended up on a quick tour of Paterson Museum and as we sauntered through the place I was catching frames of things that caught my eye. I wanted to show my kids to see if they were interested , and pictures spoke louder than words. We will be taking a trip their in the near future.

The Paterson Museum was organized in 1925 by the City of Paterson Library ‘s Board of Trustees. The museum began its operations in the assembly room of the Danforth Public Library with a display of natural history items that had been donated to the library by local residents. In 1927, the collections were moved to the carriage house of former Paterson mayor and philanthropist Nathan Barnert. …
…From its inception, the Paterson Museum has stressed the educational aspects of it’s interpretive exhibits. A major strength of the museum lies in its varied collections, including local archaeology, history, and mineralogy. Paterson has been a birthplace and springboard to many innovators and inventors. The museum relates to the history of Paterson by showing its evolution as a machinery and textile center, the “Silk City,” locomotive manufacturing, Colt arms, and the unique Holland submarines.


Another Observation I finally snuck off and paid a visit to the Great falls of Paterson NJ. I really did not get to spend a lot of time there but now I have the itch and I will be back. Im sure a lot of photographers have captured the place I want to see if its possible to create something different from whats been seen.


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