A slow morning back on the #NJTransit rails

NJ Transit started running trains on the Morris and Essex line again. I did not have to take the bus this morning, which was nice.  I did have to wait a while though. Things are still slow going, as the recovery continues. I work for NJ Transit, however I am just ‘the help’. I keep keep the computers running. This weather has caused more stress on the company as they also  cut some  benefits from the non union employees, decimating morale.

The train eventually made it to the station.

At first, folks seemed a bit happy to have some normalcy return to their live.

When people got on the trains, they were not that happy anymore.

Some were happy to get off, just wanting to come to Newark NJ.

Not everyone enjoys the crowds.

Most realize they have No choice, for now, and just have to deal with it.

NLR by gevon  servo  (gservo)) on 500px.com
another HDR test


Eventually All will be well

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